Engineering and Physics Video Demonstrations

Below are links to different categories of online narrated video demonstrations that illustrate various engineering and physics principles and devices.

Dr. Dave's Hall of Fame:

high voltage disconnect switch,   inverted pendulum control,   internal combustion (IC) engine 4-stroke cycle,   computer hard-drive (components, track seeking, super-slow motion),   servomotor PID control,   dc motor components,   guitar harmonics and chords,   piano harmonics and spectra,   vibration isolation platform experiment,   tuning fork (vibration, modal analysis, sound waveform, spectral analysis),    bowling pin sweep and set mechanisms,   bowling pin distributor mechanisms,   old washing machine mechanisms,    billiards jump shot,   billiards 30° rule,   billiards power draw,   billiards CIT and SIT,    billiards famous trick shots,    toy physics (tumbling catwoodpecker, duck)

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